Thing One and Thing Two …..

This week, I’ve been busy trying new things. You know, things I’ve NEVER done before. Not sure why my brain chose this particular week. Perhaps it’s because it’s January and everyone looks a bit blue?


Or maybe it’s because I’ve got a deadline so I’m busy finding ‘other things’ to do?

Whatever the reason, let me tell you all about Thing One and Thing Two:


NO! Not them!!!! Let’s try again ………

THING ONE: A trip to a Health Spa!


Now, I always thought this was far too girly for me. And most of the ‘treatments’ sounded like torture. But no! I was wrong. There were showers with options like: ‘monsoon’ and ‘light rain’. You could be squirted from ‘above’ or from ‘the side’. (Yes. I know! Buttons to press!!!). And there were lots of rooms in which to steam yourself: ‘quite hot’, ‘very hot’, and ‘boiling’. (Well, they had fancy names but I can’t remember them all). But being steamed whilst chatting is hilarious. You keep getting out of breath. And there was a bubbling pool that pummeled you as you swam. Oh, and a room labelled ‘VIP’. (No, I wasn’t allowed in. But it added a touch of mystery). True, I wasn’t very good at ‘relaxing’. And I didn’t really know how to ‘unwind’. But it was great pressing buttons and giggling with my friend.

THING TWO:  Joined a Zumba Course!


Once again, I NEVER thought I’d do ‘Zumba’. I thought you had to be a leotard, legwarmers and lipstick type. But no. I was wrong! All sorts of completely normal (ish) people were there  – and tracksuit bottoms fitted in just fine. Yes, I joined in at the back (just in case I was severely uncoordinated). And yes, I can still hardly move. But once the Russian folk music, Jewish wedding songs, and trendy rap got going, I had an absolute ball. Actually, I couldn’t stop laughing (which again, may not have been quite the appropriate response).

But my point is: it was REALLY good fun.

So why don’t you go and have a bash? Try something completely new. Not necessarily spas or zumba.

Maybe join a steel brass band?

brass band

Or read your first ever crime novel? Or try to make a raspberry souffle? Just do something you’ve NEVER done before. Something that might make you giggle or slightly smile.



Must dash. I’ve got to go and find ‘THING THREE’!

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