Wendy Quill’s brand-new not-at-all second-hand book trailer


At last! I’m allowed to share Wendy Quill’s brand-new, not-at-all second-hand book trailer! It’s for ‘Wendy Quill is a Crocodile’s Bottom’ – which isn’t actually out until May. So this trailer is hot off the press and my publishers have only just released it.

And the absolute best bit: all the illustrations (and the ‘voice-over’) were done by my 11 year old daughter – Mina May!

Wendy Quill front cover

We had such a great time doing this book together and now we’re working on the next two in the series! Mina May’s even got her own ‘agent’ – and does her drawings on the ipad after school.

Which just goes to show – you can do anything – however old you are!

Hope you have fun watching . . .

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