A Hen in the ‘Header’

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. My hen (destined for the front cover of my début book – A Hen in the Wardrobe) has temporarily abandoned its wardrobe and is now nesting in my blog’s new ‘header’. I hope you like it. Now for my next dilemma. How to make a beetle look cute?! (This is harder than it soundsContinue reading “A Hen in the ‘Header’”

Funky chickens and front covers

Lots of exciting things have happened in the last year. I’ve taken a break from my academic career to pursue an old dream: writing and illustrating children’s books. And after lots of hard work (and a big dose of patience!), I’ve secured a couple of book deals with Macmillan Children’s Books and Frances Lincoln. I’mContinue reading “Funky chickens and front covers”